Serum 1000 is a surface and substrate cleaner for removal of organic contamination. It accomplishes this by the use of 20% hydrogen peroxide formulated with surface active agents. This formulation allows Serum 1000 to break surface tension to penetrate deep into the substrate of porous materials. The Serum 1000 reacts with organic matter to generate profuse foam boiling the contamination to the surface for removal via HEPA vacuuming. Serum 1000 also reacts with the organic contamination on the surface generating profuse foam, breaking everything loose from the surface and up into the foam for removal via HEPA vacuuming. Serum 1000 may be applied to any surface not harmed by water. Serum 1000 doesn’t leave behind any toxic or hazardous chemicals. Serum 1000 degrades to water and oxygen. There is nothing left behind to gas off after drying. NO VOC’s.

Click here for a Video of the Serum 1000 at work.

Serum 1000 Accelerator is a designed additive to cause Serum 1000 to perform at a higher level than the Serum 1000 by itself. Serum 1000 for years has performed flawlessly at cleaning all organics and bleaching some of the organic stains that mold leaves behind. The Accelerator is designed to cause Serum 1000 to create billions of hydroxyl radicals to super charge it’s bleaching qualities. Now with the Accelerator, you can clean the organics faster because of it’s super excited state and be assured that all the staining will be bleached away improving the esthetics of all surfaces being cleaned. The Accelerator is packaged as 15 ounces in a quart bottle, which is what is required to accelerate five (5) gallons of Serum 1000. If less accelerated product is desired, you may measure and add three (3) ounces of Accelerator per each gallon of Serum 1000 that you would like to treat and accelerate.

Shelf life of Accelerated Serum 1000 is approximately one and one half to two days. (1.5-2 days). Any run off from spraying accelerated Serum 1000 that may occur is pH 9. The only by product of the accelerated Serum 1000 is water, oxygen and potassium acetate (a food additive).

Serum 2000 (Protectant) is a BIO DISPERSANT formulated with siloxane. Siloxane chemically attaches to any surface to give the longevity and durability required for long term survival. The polymers that reside on the siloxane backbone are charged to repel organic molecules. Serum 2000 can be applied to any interior surface not harmed by water, dries clear, remains flexible, remains breathable and is non-intrusive to the applied surface. It may be applied to all the materials of construction as well as cloth upholstery, carpet and pad, as well as many other materials that need to be protected against organic contamination.

New structures are often exposed to large amounts of organic contamination. Serum 2000 can be applied materials of construction to protect against organic matter contamination. A blue tint may be added to the process for verification.

SERUM CU (Serum Carpet and Upholstery Soft Surface Cleaner and Deodorizer) is a formulated 20% Hydrogen Peroxide solution containing surface active agents that enhance wetting. Enhanced wetting breaks surface tension to penetrate deep into the fiber’s substrate. SERUM CU is uniquely formulated to attack and remove organic stains and odors. As SERUM CU evaporates from the carpet or fabric the only thing left behind is water and oxygen, leaving a fresh clean scent.








Serum SR (Serum Smoke Stain/Soot Remover) is formulated to remove heavy smoke build up in fire damaged structures. It’s chemistry lends itself to be very agressive but yet safe to use. It is based on the tried and true use of a small amount of caustic and a water soluble solvent from the alcohol family to dissolve, sequester and rinse heavy heated on smoke that may exist in fire damaged structures. Simply spray Serum SR onto all affected areas, allow a few (10) minutes dwell time then rinse off using a small volume high pressure washer. Once all the visible smoke has been removed, simply spray all areas with Serum 1000. Serum 1000 will go after and oxidize the carbon that causes smoke smell in a burned structure. There will be no more smoke odor after using Serum 1000.

Serum TW (Truck Wash) is designed to be used through a high pressure washer either hot or cold. It is designed to remove the dreaded magnetic road film without brushing. Serum TW contains an acrylic polymer that places a microscopic coating on all surfaces of vehicles. Serum TW dries spot free and puts a shine on even the dullest paint surface. On glass, it causes water to bead and blow off very rapidly so that windshield remains clear and windshield wipers shouldn’t be required.

Serum TG (Tile, Grout and Concrete Cleaner) is designed to clean and brighten grout and ceramic tile. Simply spray SERUM TG over the area to be cleaned. Allow a few minutes dwell time and using a stiff bristle brush, agitate the grout areas you are attempting to clean. Rinse with clean clear water. Repeat in areas if required.



Serum SBC  (Surface Bloom Cleaner and Stain Remover) is intended to be used as a Spray & Wipe product to clean surfaces of mold & mildew “BLOOM”. The mold and mildew that form on the surfaces is referred to as “Mold Bloom“. This “Bloom” is the result of temperature and moisture levels high enough to allow surface mold and mildew to grow while the structure is closed for long periods. Serum SBC is also vey effective at cleaning CAT 1 and CAT 2 water loses. Serum SBC is a cleaner/remover that completes the job of cleaning surfaces after a water loss. Serum SBC will remove all the dust, dirt and organic contamination as well as kill the odor associated with mold and mildew growth. It will also tend to bleach any stains that the mold and mildew leave behind. Serum SBC will enhance surface colors and brighten dull surfaces. After using Serum SBC, the space will smell fresh and clean.



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