Safety: Important Cautions

Safety and Customer Information

Have a conversation with your client about what you are doing, why and stress the importance of resolving what caused the problem, your remediation process and the subsequent removal of whatever organic load may be present.

This is very important in setting the stage accurately for what your customer can expect from you.  Communication is key!


1. Does Serum 1000 or any other of its Hydrogen Peroxide formulas kill MOLD or any other kind of bacteria or pathogen?

NO! Serum formulations are CLEANERS ONLY and as such help make cleaning easier leaving only water which evaporates, oxygen which free floats and less than .05% of a wetting agent behind which is typically removed during the Hepa vacuum removal process.

The EPA does not support a Registration for disinfection on any Porous or Semi Porous surface.

2. What are you using?

We use The Serum System which provides the best formulation of Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners to help wet out the surface through its patented application process allowing for the formula to dwell and react to help release the load from the surface. In about 1 hour after the surface is dry to the touch, the remaining soils can be completely removed via the HEPA vacuuming process completing the cleaning process?

3. What are the PPE requirements for using Serum Products?

Water resistant to waterproof full body Tyvek or like suits with booties and hood. Should be properly sized and worn to manufactures specifications. Chemical resistant gloves, full facial protection with P-100 AG (acid gas) OV (organic vapor)
Yellow/Magenta cartridges installed, used and changed to manufactures specifications.

Additionally, IICRC Guidelines for proper PPE requirements for proper donning and doffing techniques as well as your local OSHA regulations for proper safety precautions.

Proper PPE should be worn at all times including after first contact with the customer, donning PPE to inspect and doffing to prior to meeting with the customer post inspection to discuss the project.  (Helps prevent cross contaminations from affected areas to unaffected areas)  This also reinforces your own safety program and instills confidence with the client that they are working with a professional.

4. Does Serum get the stain out?

Yes, usually it does. The 20% formulated Hydrogen Peroxide base of Serum 1000 when mixed with Serum Accelerator through the Serum Mini or Eliminator soft wash spray system helps making cleaning easier while lifting stain at the same time! As it is mixed at use, you only use what you need saving time and money!

Remember there is no magic bullet to cleaning and sometimes a deck brush can be used to help agitate a surface while cleaning so that a light respray can get what’s left.

Important Cautions

There are certain circumstances where extra time and thought should be given when contemplating the use of The Serum System or other cleaning products when cleaning crawl spaces, basements, attics and or large commercial jobs.

As with the use of proper PPE, Proper Containment is critical to a successful remediation.  Avoiding cross contamination, creating negative or positive air, removal of vapor barriers, sealing of intrusions (like plumbing, electrical or HVAC to name a few are all important and as a blanket statement should be assessed and completed before any remediation begins.  Drying the space and structures is essential to setting the job up for a successful result.   

Review of the IICRC Guidelines is necessary to proceeding professionally. 

  1. When estimating a job for remediation, what should I pay attention to?

The rules of engagement are pretty much standard but keys to a successful outcome have to do with a proper estimate of what actually needs to be completed.  Proper documentation, photo’s, moisture readings, testing if applicable are vital and necessary to providing your client with the best result.

Remember, time is money and the goal is to use technology (The Serum System) as your friend to speed up the process by enhancing your cleaning efficiency lowering labor requirements and if effect driving unnecessary cost out of your estimate. 

Large Loss Considerations
This comes into play when estimating the cleaning of large multi floor or multi building sites (primarily new construction). 

There are certain building materials that you should be aware of that have a reputation for failure. 

CPVC or Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride which is an orange looking pipe material much like PVC found in general plumbing situations and fire suppression systems. 

Special Conditions:
The history with this particular building material is considerable with its higher than normal failure rates (leaks and actual pipe fractures).  Installation requires specifically trained technicians and even with all the guidance provided by the manufactures, incorrect installations are the number 1 cause of failure. 

The chemical makeup of this material can cause brittleness when exposed to other building materials such as certain oils, soaps, calks, certain cleaning compounds and paints found on the job site.  How the pipe material is handled and stored can have an impact, which is beyond your control, so care should be used when cleaning around existing installations.

Containment is required and should be addressed in your quote to account for the recommended draping of the piping with 3-6 mil plastic to avoid any direct contact with Serum or any other cleaner for that matter.  It is strongly recommended to walk the entire job site and take pictures of the installation where the pipe is not lying flat and true from hangers.  Any bends in the pipe between junctions can cause stress points on those junctions causing failure over time.  Documentation is good practice on these types of jobs as there are always a number of issues. It is also important to take pictures of any stored pipe on site so that a record can be memorialized as improper storage can contribute to early failure later.

You are the odd man out on these large jobs, and it is always best to take steps to protect yourself and your company.

PPE and Safety:  Honoring the job site is critical and proper safety precautions taken when entering the job site.  Reflective vests, hard hats and safety glasses should be worn at all times (see additional safety precautions and OSHA requirements that are specific to your state).  Proper PPE is required for the preclean, set up, dry down if required and the actual cleaning/removal steps in the job.  This reminder is to reinforce your own safety program.                                    

Preclean and dry out if necessary:  It is very important to either have the general contractor or your crews preclean the space to a broom clean condition.  Saw dust and debris can inhibit any cleaning process.  If the job requires a dry out, appropriate containment should be used to effectively dry blocks of spaces enough to get to standard.  IICRC STANDARDS APPLY HERE                                    

Removal can be either HEPA VACUUMING OR AIRWASH with negative air depending on whether it is being surface tested or just inspected visually.  Obviously, an air wash is the least expensive method due to the labor/time needed. 

It is important to note this is a cleaning and not a remediation as the space is too large to effectively contain in such a way that this project would be affordable or practical.                                                         




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