SERUM 1000®

Surface and substrate cleaner for removal of organic contamination.


formulated to remove heavy smoke build up in fire damaged structures


additive to cause Serum 1000 to perform at a higher level than the Serum 1000 by itself


designed to clean and brighten grout and ceramic tile

serum 2000®

BIO DISPERSANT formulated with siloxane


a Spray & Wipe product to clean surfaces of mold & mildew “BLOOM”


20% Hydrogen Peroxide solution containing surface active agents that enhance wetting


designed to remove the dreaded magnetic road film without brushing

THE eliminator mini

A must for mold remediation professionals

Mini Eliminator Soft Wash System by Serum

The new MINI Eliminator Soft Wash System by Serum. This brand new machine is the greatest tool to hit the mold stain removal industry in years. Use Serum 1000 and Accelerator with this machine and you will see AMAZING results withing minutes. The improved delivery lance and trigger minimizes the loss of product and guarantees that you now maximize your profits!

Our techs in the field are raving about this product and we are seeing major benefits in adding the Serum System to our process. Frank Kimonth was so helpful in explaining the process and the science behind the products. My guys are having amazing success. 5 STARS all the way.

Maya Reynolds - MOLD RESCUE

I tend to be very skeptical about products that claim the kind of results that Serum System does. That being said once I used the Serum MINI Eliminator with Serum 1000 and Accelerator I could not believe how awesome it worked for quickly covering large areas of mold stains and organic material. Serum broke it down and made quick work for us on the removal and clean up. It not only sped things up for my team but also produced a cleaner and safer result for my customer. THANK YOU for this amazing product!!

Eric Peterson - 24/7 RESTORATION

Could not be happier with the ELIMINATOR MINI we purchased. Using it we have quadrupled our production. We use it on every job we do.  It’s convenient and maneuverable making it a perfect tool for us.


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