Serum Hand Sanitizer

Foaming No Alcohol
Hand Sanitizer

• Rich Alcohol-Free Foam
• With Aloe & Vitamin E
• Kills 99.99% of most common germs in 15 seconds
• Active ingredient 0.13% Benzalkonium Chloride
• Ideal where alcohol is not desired like schools, day care centers, prisons and other restricted institutions

• Fast acting No-Alcohol formula
• Accepted by the CDC as an alternative to alcohol sanitizers
• NSF E3 rated
• Does not dry out skin like alcohol based sanitizers
• Pleasant light scent, no medicinal smell
• No rinsing, just rub in and let dry
• Safe, Non-flammable formula
• More economical than alcohol
• Available in wall mount, counter-top, bulk and hand-held dispensers








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