The house as it stood for 14 months unfinished by the Smith Family.

The front foundation did not have a drain to divert the water. Water ran under the front footing and was trapped in the crawl space by the back foundation wall. There was no vents in the foundation to exhaust the moisture. Moisture intruded from the sides and top of the structure as well.

As a result of these conditions, severe contamination developed in the crawl space and ultimately throughout the interior of the house.

The house has two 2700 sq. ft. stories and a 2700 sq. ft. crawl space. Total area for remediation about 32,400 sq. ft. and only 24 hours to accomplish the job!

We were chosen for this job because our SERUM SYSTEM could remediate extreme mold infestation in less time than any other product on the market. We completed the project in less than 24 hours thanks to our customer Disaster Services, Inc., with David King and his crew. We began the process at 10 pm on Thursday January 11, 2007 and finished on Friday January 12th at 7:15 pm. David King handed over to the general contractor, Oakwood Homes, a mold free house so the other trades could get started building the house.

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