Need To Turn Projects Faster?

Many disaster recovery contractors are using labor intensive methods currently recommended by the industry. We propose to change the thinking and methods of cleaning structures.

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We offer a online training and certification course for Serum 1000 and training programs for all our products on this web site and through our distributors. Our distributors offer in house training in their facilities on all our products. Our distributors offer a IICRC approved 1/2 credit, 3.5 hour course teaching the use of Hydrogen Peroxide cleaners. Please call your nearest Serum Authorized Distributor to determine their schedule for courses and schools they offer.

We were asked to help out with an Extreme Makeover Project and the Serum System performed with amazing results!

Our episode aired March 11th 2007!

  We take the process of damage remediation from the dark ages to the latest cutting edge technology. We design products to eliminate as much labor as possible to accomplish the desired results.... complete organic cleaning.

We teach, train and certify your personnel to properly and accurately accomplish the protocol to rid structures of organic contaminants. We provide trained technicians on your site to consult with and train your crews.

The Eliminator Soft Spray System

"SERUM ACCELERATOR"...this new product will greatly accelerate the performance and bleaching qualities of Serum 1000…….it will cause Serum 1000 to quickly eliminate all dark spots on wood that mold creates.

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